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A lot of our followers ask how they can go about posting their own article on our site. Unfortunately, we do not allow people to post on our site without prior permission. We also like to let people know in advance that our website has very strict guidelines when it comes to article submissions. If, for some reason, your article doesn’t meet these guidelines, we will not be able to post it. It will be declined. We will not respond to declined submissions as we do get a great number of them.

In order to be considered for publication on our site, your article must be at least one thousand (1,000) words, be hand written and free of any plagiarism. Your article must also meet the following criteria:

  • The content must not be promotional. Our site is not a place to advertise any outside service or product.
  • Your submission must include relevant, external links.

If you believe your article meets these requirements, feel free to forward it to our attention. Please do so via email and attach a copy of your article. If you would like to review an acceptable post, please click here.

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